Traditional Dance and Song

England's heritage of folk music, song, dance and traditional customs is one of the richest in the world and is especially strong in Lancashire.

The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) exists to preserve English folk dances, songs and music, make them known, and encourage their practice. 

Lancashire Folk supports the aims of EFDSS to preserve the traditions of English dance and song.

Lancashire Folk Activities

We organize three dances each year: - a New Year Dance in January, a Spring Dance in March, and an Autumn Dance in October.

We support many local dance clubs and traditional dance and music groups.

Each year in June we organize the annual Children's Country Dance Festival.

We run occasional Callers' Workshops.

Every autumn we publish the folk magazine  "Lancashire Wakes".

We maintain an up-to-date diary of events (see the Diary Dates Page).

Andrew Shaw with Denise and Norman Bearon

Fylde Coast Cloggers

Regency Rejigged

Children's Festival

Preston Royal Morris

Seven Stars Sword and Step Dancers

Preston's 90th Anniversary Dance

Will and Chris who sing in Lancashire 

Lancashire Folk is Affiliated to the English Folk Dance and Song Society

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